Trusted by cardiologists

  • Medical grade, assurate and efficient
  • No subscription fee and unlimited storage on cloud
  • Strong applicability, easy to use and easy to carry around
  • Help track condition and effect of drug administration


Help you keep monitoring

  • Cardiac Condition

  • Chronic disease patients

  • Subhealthy population

  • Middle aged and elderly



  • Affordable Price

  • IOS & Android

  • High Portability

  • Easy to Use

  • CE & CFDA

  • Medical-Grade


  • Chip Scavone

    I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation last week. I bought this device to keep a close eye on the situation. When I first used the SnapECG, I got very erratic traces. I discovered that if I slightly moistened my thumbs before placing them on the device the traces were regular. (Please note: use your thumbs and forefingers to grasp the device. Forefingers and middle fingers are only used for initial Bluetooth pairing which is very easy.) I had a couple of questions about replacing the battery and recovering historical data both of which were promptly answered by the manufacturer via .e-mail. A couple of days ago, I felt like I was in Afib. I took a trace and e-mailed it to my cardiologist's office. They confirmed that it was indeed Afib. So now I can tell for sure by looking at a trace if I am having an episode. All over, the SnapECG seems to be a competent device. A nice bonus is there is no monthly charge to store historical data.

  • Valerie F Moskowitz

    I like this product. I like that you don’t have to pay a fee for storing your EKGs like you do with the better known model. There are 2 things I wished I knew when I opened the box. The case they talk about that is included is snapped right on to the unit. You can use the unit with the case on. You really only need to take the case off to change the battery. The other thing I wish I knew was that you have to touch both pads in order to turn it on. If you touch only 1 pad no light comes on. There was a spare battery in the package. I thought that either there was no battery in the unit, or else the battery had died. I did change the battery, which now I believe was probably unnecessary. The website seems easy to use. You press a green button on the site, then touch both pads and you are taking your EKG. I haven’t tried sharing it yet, but it’s interesting to watch. I’ve only had it for a week, so I’m no expert, but I’m glad I have this.

  • Lanc

    I found this device simple to download the app, set up, and use. I am 73 years old, in great physical condition, do not have any major heart issues, but I want to have early detection if I develop any. I take my blood pressure once a day and now have added this to my daily measurement routine. Together with my blood pressure and this daily testing, I am able to detect any abnormalities long before they become life-threatening. I especially like that there are no monthly fees!

  • Jackie Bracken

    This product allows me to read my ekg when I needed. sometimes I feel chest pains and my doctor said I need to go to ER and check it out. Now I don't have to run to the hospital every time I feel chest pains, I can do my own ekg at home.

  • Harry

    At first, I registered my SanpECG account just for my name displaying in the report. Few days later when I logged into my account on the iphone I found that the EKG waveforms measured on iPad also appeared on my phone, That's amazing! As long as the data recorded after logging in is stored in the Cloud and you can check it anytime you want! I think this is the best design of this product - never lose your data. Thanks for this great design!!!

  • Erica Martinez

    My cardiologist recommended this product to help with monitoring my atrial fibrillation I had, it allows me to keep records to then email them to my cardiologist's office. No subscribe fee needed, which is I like the most. The medical program I'm in right now has me under a lot of stress. Actually hospital EKG machines misdiagnose all the time. This is why doctors have to interpret the results to make sure the machine didn’t misdiagnose. Any slight movement or any anxiety could throw the machine off. This product is a few hundred dollars cheaper than having it done at a hospital, although I've been adviced don't move the device or shake the body during the measurement of this EKG monitor. Need to use it in a quiet environment.